woensdag 8 februari 2012


There is ice in Holland, as some may know :-).
I was skating today. Every year that there is ice I skate more or less from that I was a kid.
I never was able to skate with my hands on my back, as I could not find a balance than, and every year I try this with some difficulties. Trying to go deeper in the legs to find balance for example.
I was skating behind an older man who was skating very easy with his hands on his back, not deep in the legs at all. Ok it wasn't the legs.
I tried again, and suddenly I found the balance, in the breast! Before I was going out of the breast all the time, trying to find balance in legs, in pelvic, etc. This moment I kept myself in the breast area where I also keep breathing, and I became quiet and balanced with my eyes in front of me instead of looking down to see if there are any cracks in the ice where I can fall by. And I kept skating with my hands on the back, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes refinding balance, sometimes stopping, and still with hands on the back. And in silence in the breast. Not getting tired at all. Which was/is cool.

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