maandag 6 februari 2012

2012 - The year of the soulmate

Let's have a look at the word soulmate.
We start with soul.
What is this, the soul?
The soul is a system placed into the human body where all the information of the mind of all the past lives is stored. The information of the mind, means all the memories existing as thoughts, feelings and emotions, had to be stored somewhere. The information is too large to exist in/as the mind as the mind-system, the system would collapse. So they designed a construct for all this information of all the lives each person lived.
So, the soul is an information-depot (which isn't even existing anymore as it is removed from the dimensions); it only still exists inside human beings by/through believing that it is real; until we as ourselves stop it to exist.

We go on with mate.
Mate as friend. What is this, a friend? A friend as we know it in/as the mind is someone who is affirming and supporting ourselves as a mind-system. When we live as self, we do not need friends. We are equal and one as ourselves as life as others, so we do not need a 'special' person to be friends with; we do not to feel safe in and as the mind so we don't need to be affirmed in/as the mind by a special person called friend because we are all equal and one as Life.

Let's put the words together, soul-mate.
A friend of the soul/as the soul. Friend is in/as the mind, soul is the restore of information in/as the mind. soulmate is affirming the restored information of all lives in/as the mind by a special person in/as the mind.

Why do we want to find a soulmate?  
To experience the ultimate affirmation in/as the mind. Why do we want to be affirmed in/as the mind? Because we are not affirmed in/as self. We did not establish, vestigen, us as ourselves as life, and thus we need someone special outside us to affirm, be-vestigen, ourselves in/as the mind. This affirming, bevestigen, gives a feeling of being alive, as being one, as being equal with at least one person, as a substitute of the missing of the establishment of ourselves as Life as Self.

What is the role of the soulmate?
Actually to make us feel safe in a world that is really unsafe at the moment, because we do not see the equality in ourselves as life as the others. We think we are all different, and we judge everything that we think that is different. But different means that the thing that we see as different is something that we separated ourselves from, and because of all this separations inside ourselves, we are not one and equal as ourselves as life as others as life. So we need another person, a soulmate, to make us to feel one and equal in/as the mind, which is not real as life as self but a substitute of living as life as self.

Well as we all know the chance to find a soulmate as the ultimate missing link 'to make you whole' is very little; and when you are 'the lucky one' who finds a person that you define as a soulmate as the ultimate missing link, you immediately will find out that the other person can not fill the missing inside yourself, the other person is only showing you where you have separated yourself from yourself. And there is only one person who can stop this separation inside yourself: YOU!

Is it relevant to wait for this missing link?
If we look at the deconstruction of the word soulmate, than what are you waiting for by waiting for a missing link? For a restore of information who will make you affirmed in/as the mind, to find out that all that you are missing is yourself? Isn't this a trick of the mind to keep you busy searching for the ONE, because you think you need that person to make you whole? Whole as what, as the mind? As the soul?
To make you a whole system?

Let's stop this waiting, as it keeps you waiting forever. That's what the soul-construct is all about, to keep you enslaved in searching for the restore of information collected in all the past lives which we cannot remember anymore. The only person you are waiting for is YOU yourself as Self as Life. Which you will never find if you are walking around in/as the mindsystem, waiting for the one

2012 - The year almost everybody has created some expectations of. Is your expectation one of hoping to find a soulmate? Stop this waiting, as you are waiting for yourself as Life.
There are more important things to do here if we want to keep on living Life on Earth. We need YOU to stand up in this, we need YOU as life as yourself and not as a mindsystem waiting for the ultimate missing link, which is waiting for yourself. Nobody can stand up for you, you are the only ONE who can do this, you are the only ONE who can be your own missing-link inside. Stop waiting for the only one as this is waiting for the only one as yourself; become 'the only one' as one and equal as Self as Life.

There is a practical way to walk the process of becoming one and equal as Self as All Life; everybody can fulfill the role of a so called soulmate as a person who reflects you where you separated yourself from yourself as a support to become one and equal as yourself as Life as Breath.

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  1. Thanks very much for the support and the clear perspective you give, it is of great help and depicts accurately as lived.