woensdag 28 september 2011

Hate-twitter: "you must die"

This morning I was reading an article in an old newspaper. It was about hate-messages on twitter.
Children from 12-13 years old are sending these kind of messages to each other: you must die.

What is this? What are they actually saying, as 'young' as they are?

They say "you must die". They think we are the mind. And the mind is projecting.
They say, you must die. And by thinking that we are the mind, the other person as the mind must die. And by thinking as the mind, that we are talking about others instead of seeing that we are talking about ourselves, they say: me as the mind must die. Or, translated in practical language: my mind must stop, the mind must stop.

This is serious if very young people are placing these messages into the world.
This is showing how everybody is driving crazy by being one and equal as the mind, as a mind-consiousness-system.

We have to stop the mind; we have to stop this world from all blowing apart through the mind.

Seeing the fact that the mind of the children is the same as the mind of all people, connected as the whole mind-consiousness-system which is placed in everyone and connected to everyone as the mind, everyone has to start working with this inside themselves.

We have to start to become one and equal, not as mind, but as ourSelves, as Self, as Life, as All Life.
We have to become Alive.

Please start seeing into this.
Start within yourself to stop your/the mind, if you want another world for the children;
if you want them to stop these words of hate, spoken as the mind.
Also if these children are not 'your own'.

Stop participating in and as the mind, stop projecting.
Start applying self-forgiveness.

For information and support:

http://www.desteni.net/ (dutch/nederlands)

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