woensdag 28 maart 2012

What's the Agreement? Cleaning the bloodlines

Being angry all the time to the person I live with.
Not able to stop, as I see that I follow the same thought every time again, which starts running as a program by every trigger-point.
Applying self-forgiveness is not enough. So what is going on here?
I believe that I am stuck in this, and for I believe this, I attack myself for being so stupid to got stuck in this. And I was busy with this attack as backchat, applying s.f. on me being stupid etc.
Actually, what is before this? Before this I believe something.

What is the agreement I made here in the house?
I made the agreement that we share the house if financial possible. Within this m is able to make a living here in holland, having a job and a place to live to start with, and I am able to stand up in myself while living together with someone, making myself independant of the other person which is in the end independant of the mind. Stopping reactions inside myself. And during this process making myself financial more stable than before.
The agreement is not to stay together forever. I am clear about this from the beginning. I want to live as equals, and finally I see clearly that I do not want to have a full agreement with someone who is not applying s.f., who doesnot know what the mind is. It's not his fault he doesnot know this, absolutely not, there is no information available in his language so how can he know.
I believed that within this it's somehow my responsability to keep him breathing. And within this believe I got stuck in this situation. Which is not. It is my responsibility to give him the chance to make his own living as far as I am able to, and to support him in this. Within this he can stay on his own feet practically, and this is a starting-point to live. And I can stay on my own feet by stopping my reactions inside myself, which is a starting-point to live. This makes us roommates, taking care of the practicall living in the house together, and within this supporting each other to stand up, each in our own stage of process.
That's it for the moment. No relationships, no sexual arrousing. Standing alone.

So taking this back to self. The angryness is coming up again this morning, not projected on the other person but on myself. For everything I have allowed and accepted in myself. For the whole fuck-up created by Anu in this world. I can be angry, but I am still responsible to stop this abusive life. I can be angry, I let the angryness merge inside myself and within this it disappears; it becomes a strength to stand up in. I do not have to run away for my own angryness anymore, it's not killing me (or others). I can breathe within it. It's a stop, till here no further. No further with this abusive life of allowing myself to be suppressed within a belief. No matter where or with who I live.

The question that is coming up from time till time is, how could I have been able to stand up in this before? When Anu was still in control? We gave him that control, and here I miss something. I do not see how I could have stand up in this earlier. Which means, I do not see how this enslavement started.
Is this question relevant? In the end yes. For the moment, no. I stop this being enslaved and within this it becomes clear how I am able to stand up in this. Which will probably clearify how I could have done this anytime, as every human being. Stopping the guilt, which is coming forward out of polarity.

This belief of being stuck in this is coming forward out of the supression of myself as a female. And this was veiling the real suppression, being supressed by the mind-system. Keeping me busy with relation-ships issues. Enslaved to relationship-issues. Which is influencing the thyroid-gland. Suppressing the speaking up of the female; believing that she has to take care for the child, for the man, for life for everyone except for herself. I am taking the oligo-plant fucus. The oligo-plant is removing the blockage between intra-cellulair and extra-cellulair. It's actually recovering the communication inside the body on a specific area, in this case on the hormonal area. The thyroid-gland has a central function in the hormonal area and in the whole homeostase. First two days I started extremely reacting on everything m was doing; after this we both saw, this is not it, this is not how we want to live. Take it back to self. Me standing up as self, speaking for what is best for all, responsible for life as myself but not responsible for breathing someone alive but myself. I can only breathe myself alive. I am not an oxygen apparatus.

I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to believe that I am an oxygen apparatus.

Which is actually the navel-string. Mother to child. Which repeats itself in relationships.

The thyroid works mainly on the mitichondrien. Mitochondrien are the little organs that regulate the energy in the cell; burning from nutrients gives energie. The mitochondrien are 100 % passed by the dna of the mother. (The nucleus are 50% passed by the dna of the father and 50% by the dna of the mother). Within this, there must be a bunch of loaded energy as information inherited within this cells, as this is never cleaned up. On physical level: the free radicals which pollute the body, works on the mitochondrien, so free radicals/pollution as pollution of thoughts, feelings and emotions also works on the mitochondrien).
This is what I experience as the suppressing of woman, the loaded energy inherited by the mother. It is to me to clean the cells from the loading. Which is happening at the moment. The loading is coming up, the information of the cell is given free by recovering the communication between intra- and extra-cellulair. The fucus supports the free-giving of the cells from the loaded information in the mitochondrien, especially located in coherence with the thyriod-gland. (Oligo-plant contains minerals and trace elements which are directing the enzymatic functions which are directing the whole (organ)functions of the organism).

Directing the enzymatic functions within the organism which is supporting direction myself as Life.
It is to me to see the information, to stop the reactions on it, as this is attacking myself on the information that is located within the cells, inherited by - in the this case - the mother, and to apply self-forgiveness on it and stand up in it.
To free the body from the loaded information, so the body can function as oneness as life by free communication between the cells, by free communication intra- and extracellulair, directing the processes that are necessary as life. Same within as without; I free myself from loaded information, so I can function as oneness as life by free communication between me and other life, by free commonunication within and without myself, directing the processes that are necessary as life as breath.

This is what I see as my responsibility. To clean the bloodlines within myself.
And this is what I am working on for years and years, not passing this through by giving birth to children but stopping this information within myself, cleaning the blood-lines. To stand up in myself and give birth to myself as live from the physical.
Within Desteni I finally find the support and information to complete this process, as before there was always something missing: MYSELF!

That's the Agreement: cleaning the bloodlines within myself, which makes me able to stand up as Self as Life as what is best for All Life.

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  1. "I forgive myself that I have allowed and accepted myself to believe that I am an oxygen apparatus."

    Cool realisation and release! And cool support from the plants!