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2012 - "Until He comes back"

About 10 years ago I came together with people who were actively involved in christianity.
A point that directly had my attention was that they were caring for each other.
Not really caring as being equal and one, but in a way caring for others than only family and friends.

How do they care?
Some examples to bring into words what I saw.
- I started a bible study -I grew up without any religion and I was attracted by, what I now see, is the forgiveness of Jesus that they lived in - it was just before christmas. I was sitting next to a woman several evenings. We only spoke at that evening during the lessons, we hardly knew each other. She asked me what I would do with christmas, and if I was alone and liked it, I was invited to join them.
- I met some people who started a foundation in Holland; they were giving food and products to people in Roemenie who didnot have anything; some years ago they moved to Roemenie and gave their whole life to support the poor people in Roemenie with products and money they collect in the more rich countries, and of course gave them 'hope' and bibles to survive in the mess they live in. They are always hospitable for everyone, christian or not, and they give their whole personal life to serve a purpose of 'helping' people who donot have the opportunity to have the basic life foundation.
- In India I lived in an christian orphanage for some weeks; the orphanage is giving christian girls who are really outcaste in India, a life with food, bed and education. Also there I experienced some unconditional acceptation of me being there, christian or not. I was just around there, assisting in the orphanage and they were assisting me to make me more comfortable with who I am by just being around.
This was something that I really missed here growing up in Holland; being around with people where just me being there is enough, I donot have to do something or say something; they were happy that I was there, that's it.

The points that I want to point out here are actually written in this examples:

- Not excluding people on what they 'do' in life, but just being happy that you are there
- Giving their whole personal life for serving a purpose that is in their eyes the best for all
- Always hospitable

This is directly showing how I missed these three points in myself, I didnot develop them. Why not?
I simply couldnot; I allowed myself to become too much unequaled inside, and I first have to see into why and how I could 'heal' this.

Christianity, and especially the words of Jesus supported me in this.
I was listening to the radio on sunday morning for some time to a sermon, most of time from a babtistic church. There was always some common sense in the sermons. But everytime I was just into this speach, I was just listening with some relaxation because I heard some things that I could apply in daily life, I suddenly heard some theory or words that wake me up immediately and I knew, this is not real, this is triggering me in the experience of not being able to stand as myself but to the obligation to follow and obey a God outside me, needing to forgive me. Most of times I listened 'through' these words; sometimes I had to shud off the radio and just become here, and for example sit down close to a little bird in the garden and communicate with what is here in nature.

This happened a lot of times, almost in every sermon I heard.
Words spoken as common sense, build on a foundation of the words of Jesus so words of equality, in which they gave options to apply them practically in daily life, mixed with the message that all human beings have to follow Jesus, asking for forgiveness, and obeying a God outside us which is living inside us 'through the holy spirit'.
This holy spirit was something that I never could understand. What is this? I don't get it.
I only knew that without this, we were not 'tuned into' the will of God.

If God is Anu as the White Light, the holey spirit must be the mind, made holey through the open connection with 'God'. Via the mind we connect to God/Anu/White Light, and he 'speaks' to us via the mind. With praying we speak to 'him' so to the mind, as the unified consciousness field, creating our opportunities, if we are the lucky ones. But because it is still in/as the mind, with this praying polarity will be created.

"The spirit is the breath of God".
It sounds so beautifull but it is not at all, because what is written here:
The mind is the breath of Anu as The White Light; the words are turned around.
We as ourselves as Breath as Life as Living Words as God are complety gone by following this breath/mind of God outside us, being inside through the holey spirit.

A little shift in the words with large consequences as it differences everything from equality (as life) into unequality (as mind).
This is what I see in a lot of sentences that I heard on the sermons on the radio.

This is also the point that I cannot come into agreement with with my brother.
He follows Jesus, I follow the words of Jesus.
He sees God as someone who desides what happen and who lives inside him as the holey spirit; I see God as the Living Word as Life as who I Am/will become.
He asks for forgiveness, I apply self-forgiveness.
Little shifts in the words with large consequences from equality into inequality.
At the same time we speak the same language if we speak as the parables of Jesus.

And that's it for the moment. And it´s okay. We can listen to each other, and in some moment it stops.
We finally can speak more equal to eachother about this 'differences' and we both see were it stops.
Not trying to judge the other, not trying to make the other to change.
Well actually I finally can speak about some things without hesitation, and because I donot hesitate any longer he can stop to learn me something. And we agree in the point that we want to have the doors open, that we want to keep these subjects speakable without judging each other.

The speaches on the radio always were ending with a sentence as this:
in the grace of Jesus Christ, in the love of our father God, in community of the holey spirit.
Within this program everybody walks out of church, blissed and enslaved by believing these words after listening a message in/as common sense.

And somewhere in the end of the sermon always was mumbeled:...............Untill he comes back.

Another sentecnce that I didnot understand.
I finally see that the lines that i didnot understand were not speaken as common sense, but in the same time, unconsiousness, I was also waiting for 'him' to come back. I translated this into waiting for the one as the man that I love, that was ment for me.

This waiting is coming to a peak in 2012; we created a lot of expectations for a change of the mess we created on earth. Waiting for something outside us who will save us. Maybe waiting consciousness, maybe unconsciousness, but waiting we are.
Everyone knows what is coming after a peak.
A deep dale as a large desillusion that nothing is changing but everything will remain the same or actually become worse. Bringing us back to the ground, facing the mess of reality.
And what will we all see sooner or later?

We are waiting for ourselves to stand up as ourselves.
To clean up the mess that we accepted and allowed to create and exist here on earth.

We have to stop waiting, as waiting is not self-honest.
Waiting is walking away from ourselves.
We have to stop the enslavement inside ourselves to something/someone outside ourselves.
We are God as The Living Word as Life ourselves; we can realise this in a process.
Jesus speaks words in equality as himself as a living example;
we donot live in equality, not at all. We donot practise this, which is widely seen in the moneysystem. Total unequality.

Will it be easy?
No. I experience inside myself a lot of resistance against equality, coming forward out of being totally inequal, even if I 'want to be equal'. Facing myself as being unequal is not an 'easy job'.
But I see directly that Desteni is the only group that presents the whole solution.
I never found in myself some alarmbells that there is something spoken which keeps me enslaved to something outside myself, also not in moments of resistance. All information is supporting equality, bringing me back to myself, to become one and equal as myself -including my resistance - as all life.

Than what is the resistance?
The fear of standing as myself, taking whole responsability for/as myself in a world that is really not responsable at the moment. Having doubts that I am not able to do this, that I am not able to make a change, that I am not able to speak up.

What if christianity is making the move to complete common sense?
They already know how to live in commitment for a purpose that is best for all; they already know how much forgiveness can do; they already know the words of equality of Jesus. They donot only know this, they also live them partly.
If they dare to question the existence of God outside them, the change will be widely expanding.
If they dare to see that also Jesus wasnot aware of the existence of The White Light when he was on earth, so the words of Jesus were not expressing the whole solution as written in this text:

Seeing into this, they will meet the same doubt as I am speaking about:

Are we able to make a change in/as ourselves?

2012 : the year of change.
From waiting for an outside change into starting a process of taking responsability in/as ourselves.
Untill we are able to remove the self-doubt which makes us able to stand one and equal as the words:

Yes, I am able to make a change in/as myself;
living within the starting point from what is best for all equal and one.

Will you stop waiting and join us to make a change?

For supporting equal chances in this, support the equal money system:

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  1. "The spirit is the breath of God".
    It sounds so beautifull but it is not at all, because what is written here:
    The mind is the breath of Anu as The White Light; the words are turned around.

    We as ourselves as Breath as Life as Living Words as God are complety gone by following this breath/mind of God outside us, being inside through the holey spirit.

    A little shift in the words with large consequences as it differences everything from equality (as life) into unequality (as mind).

    Cool Ingrid!