zaterdag 24 december 2011

tv commercial

There is a commercial on the tv, with Arie Boomsma, about coffee.
Who is Arie Boomsma?
A handsome populair 'christian' man in Holland; he was suspended for three months from a christian televisionchannel after posing in a magazine with very little clothes on, without discussing this with the sender, it was kind of  'provocating' for the tv-channel.
In the commercial he is getting very angry because he doesnot get his coffee while it was the 'appointment' that he would get the coffe at a several time, as a 'joke' ofcourse.
They are running for his coffee, and when he has it, he sais: 'Forgive me', with his arms wide open; like he is speaking to 'God', but this he speaks to his, what is it, employer?
Ofcourse also as a joke.
So as an example of 'being a christian' he is first getting angry, generating energy, and after this he asks for forgiveness, instead of forgiving himself.
Wouldn't it be cool if in this commercial he starts to forgive himself in front of his employers, taking full responsability for his own reactions as a living example for all the person who are watching, 'christian' and 'not christian'?

I was kind of disappointed lol because I had 'attached' this handsome christian man more insight in the subject of forgiveness in general; I 'admired' him in someway because he is standing for something and within this I projected my own common sense of cristianity on him; so I made myself unequal to him as myself. Admiring and projecting make always unequal, wheather the projection is 'positive' or 'negative'.
He is standing for something as christianity but not yet as himself. This is a process for us (as) all.

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