dinsdag 4 oktober 2011


I have to investigate this more, but as far as I can see in this moment, self-expression is related to the thyroid gland. Self-expression influences the thyroid gland directly; and suppressing the self-expression is suppression the function of the thyroid gland (t.g.), with different consequences in the body. It dysbalans the whole metabolism in the body.

In the store (healthstore, vitamins minerals etc), there are many person, especially women, who have a dysbalans in the function of the t.g. The dysbalans of the t.g. gives divergent complaints in the body.
Too fast or too slow, ups and downs, created by polarity which gives energy, 'high' and 'low' (feeling energetic, feeling exhausted)
It's possible to support the divergent complaints, but it's not a solution for the long term.
This will keep turning around in the circle of life, untill we get dizzy and see nomore
It's also possible to support the t.g. itself with some minerals, aminoacids and plants, but that's also not the whole solution.
It can support the start of self-expression, but than this has to be applied practically.
(And the funny part is that there are very little plants that directly support the t.g., and they are not really effective).

In the study of natural and herbal medicine they say the t.g. is related to the creativity of a person.
And that there are woman who only "feel good" when they are in love with someone, than they are "feeling alive". I have been a woman who only feels alive when 'falling in love', and I knew this was not the solution, but I could not find a way to express as self. I found different ways to express as the mind, but that didnot make 'sense' to me as Self. It was only 'working' for a short time, rowling around in the circle of life and bringing me back at the same point.

What is this, this "streaming of creativity" when falling in love? It must be a substitution of the self-expression, of Life, called 'energy'. Not standing alone but standing together, creating energy. The hormonsystem-sexsystem is activated! Feeling alive in seperation but not Being Alive as All as One.

Because of the seperation inside oneself, we try to make this whole again with another person. When two polarities come together they neutralize each other for a while, and this feels as one. But it also shows after sometime, that this is a substitue, that still every person has to stand alone. This is an opportunity to see and stop the polarity in ourself, because the other person reflects us where we are seperated from ourselves.

Creativity I redefine as expression, and put self in front of it. Self-expression.
Self-expression is as the self, creativaty is as the mind.
Applying self-forgiveness will help to make this 'change' (this is not the word but I cannot find the living word for this), from I as mind to I as self.

And than we see that the t.g. is streaming when the self-expression as equal as one is streaming, like Living Water. And when the t.g. is streaming, without the ups and downs of created energy, the whole metabolism is streaming, and the body becomes alive, equal and one as self.
What will happen with the hormonsystem when we become equal and one as self?
There is so much to investigate and redefine.

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