woensdag 19 oktober 2011


Living in the illusion of a curse, a ban.

Forever banished means forever connected to the mind, blockaded to the White Light ('God').
'In relation' to everything in and as the mind. This is the only thing that is left, relations as, with and within the mind.
Only being able to live in relation towards somebody or something else.
Banned from Self, because accepted as real through Self.

Living in illusion of being banned from Self and blockaded to the White Light made it unable to have a relation with another person, because this gives complete dependency on the other person (in and as the mind) without a connection (relation) to the Whight Light. The only connection left is the other person, from perspective of the mind, which you are banished to. A relation to another person is, from perspective of the mind, the only way to complete yourself (as mind). There is no God to complete, to fill with 'love', to give the illusion to be one, so the other person must complete, must fill the longing for love. Enslaved to the eternal searching for the One, the other person who can fill the empty place inside the mind.

Banished to relationships.

Before there was needed a person connected to the White Light to lift the ban. Now the White Light is removed, the mind can be stopped by and as ourselves. Which automaticly stops the ban.

'To hang up' on the mind is to form a relation with everything in and as the mind. More and more and more. Untill there are so many relations that you cannot see yourself anymore. Ensnared (verstrikt), stifled (verstikt) in the relation-web. To hang up yourself on the mind, ensnared, stifled, untill you 'commit' suicide, you commit to hang up yourself, because you donot see a way out of this web. A total commitment with and as the mind.

Relations were only necessary to keep us enslaved to the White Light (The White Light needed us to relate to the mind to relate to The White Light).
The White Light is removed, now we have to remove the relationships, relation-chips.
The chip that programmed us into relations.

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