zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

I don't care

To take care for another person. What is this? 'I do care, I take care of'.
I do care is doing something so it's creating care.
I take care is to take away something, it's taking away the (self)care.

To do or take care of another person keeps away from the self, for both person.
By being busy with creating care about others and other things, we don't have to look inside ourselves. So we are not self-responsable. It's caring as the mind of the mind of another person.
In the end we will always become angry at the other person, because this caring of something outside keeps away from the self. By doing this, taking care of something outside us, we must leave ourselves. Soon or late we will be angry about this. On ourselves ofcourse, for leaving ourselves, for accepting and allowing ourselves to believe that we are doing the 'right' thing, but we project this on the person we take care of.

The person we take care of needs to be 'carefull' when we put our mind upon the other person. When something happen to the other person, than where are we? Gone.
The other person has to stay alive, because we made the other person the substitution for Life in and as ourselves; so we made the other person a substutution for ourselves.
Leaving ourselves so leaving Life, the other person must keep us alive.
So, the mind is afraid 'that something happen' to the other person, which means actually, is afraid for itself to be left alone without life. The other person must stay nearby, because we made the other person responsable for Life in ourselves.
And the other person indeed needs to be 'carefull', because he/she didnot have an example of how to be one and equal as Life which 'takes care' of itSelf!
In the end this will have a stifled effect on both person.
Stifling by the believing in the example that we have to keep eachother alive.
Which is a lie of the mind, so stifles by the lies of the mind. The lies that ties.

Will this taking care support the other person? When another takes care of you, what are you doing?
Nothing! There is already taken care of everything, everycare is taken away.

So what happens:
Doing nothing - apathy; through 'taking away' the (self)care, which gives: I don't care.
Running away - energy; to escape the stifled effect, which also gives: I don't care.

The polarity is created.

With this taking or doing care, is the other person seen as equal and one as Life as Self?
No. There is no trust that the other person can 'take care of her/himself'. Because we have no selftrust, we cannot trust the other person that he/she has selftrust.
Which is true, there was no Living Example of Self-Trust.
And so we keep on taking care of each other. Which is keeping each other equal and one as the mind.

It's the mind that kills, and for that the mind must place the doing of taking care in advantage against the killing, to be taken care of to not to be killed.
And what happens by doing this? It's killing, stifling theonething that seemed to take care of: Life. And because we are killing Life we need a substitution, we need to take care for something to fill this emptyness. To fill the emptyness with taking care.


Stop the doing because doing is equal and one as the mind. Don't care, don't do care. And stop the taking because it takes away the responsability for Self as Self, which is Life.
Start to become one and equal as Self as Life. To be the Living example as Self as Life.
Self as Life is carefull, Life 'takes care' of itSelf and Self  'takes care' of Life;
Life is carefull within itSelf.

Do you want to become Equal and One as Life which is carefull within itSelf?

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