maandag 28 november 2011

To break and being self-honest / equal money

To break, until we see at what point we are self-dishonest.
To see the point, so we can start to forgive and stand up in it. Which contains that we let go this point that we were covering. Covering because we were holding on to some illusion that we didnot want to let go. So the mind is scared for doing this, for letting go, and for this, it is turning around the experience. It gives the illusion that if we see into the specific point, we are stuck in it forever. And ofcourse we don't want that, we experience we are already stuck forever in the mind and we donot like that. So we walk away from seeing into the point, joked by our own mind, still stuck forever. But at the same time we want to be free from the prison of the mind, and the only thing that makes us free is to see into the point; this is giving friction. We want to be free and for this we are breaking until we see the point. And the running away is stimulating this breaking because it keeps us away from seeing but actually we want to see. If we donot see into the points, this pattern is going on and on, creating more and more friction as energy, breaking more and more, also the fysical, as seen in the world, out of frustration of being stuck in this pattern.

The breaking is a signal of not being self-honest. Of not seeing into what is real. When we see into the point, there is a relieve. The fear is much less than we thought it would be, actually the fear is gone, because we see the point as it is, without the mind turning this around. And we can start to apply self-forgiveness, untill we are free to walk through this point.
The more self-honest we are, the less breaking we need.

I was breaking because I would be dependent on (some amount of) the money of another person in future. Even in future, not already 'now'. But the prospect of being this in future made me very nervous. I started to react on the other person more and more. For seeing into this I had to let go some illusions, I had to see that I was turning around things. Being 'together' for the money/house is not 'working' when one person actually wants a relationship and one person not. Than there is developping a fairtrade between 'love' and money. This gives conditions, and to come out of this conditions I started to break (and probably the other person too). I had to stand up in myself, to see that I have to stay on my own feet. That's what I really want. When I stay on my own feet I can support another person, and I can be supported when needed. Unconditionally.

Equal money.

I donot know from experience how it is to have no home and food.
Still also here it is easy to see how everything is depending on money. This breaking I did myself is a small example, which can be large when living in a situation totally dependent on the money of another person, having children, house, a car. And actually for myself it was also not small, it was huge, growing up in this and stipulating all decisions on the background, the fairtrade of love and money. It made me totally ineffective. Stipulating, bepalend, be-palen-d. Ahum. Which was the consequence; the circle is round.
Last seven years I saw in myself that every worry I had I could bring back to money. Especially when the house is too expensive and the money is just not enough.
At the moment I cannot wright out other examples of unequal money, so I leave that for now. But they are uncountable; everyone can see some examples inside themselves.
So we donot have to see very far to become aware that also in the capitalist countries the money is keeping us enslaved: making worries to get it or making worries to not 'loose' it.

Be one vote for an equal money system to give all live included yourself the chance to free Self:

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